Pizza napoletana

Welcome to our restaurant

One piece of Italy! Where? On 26 Tímár Str., in

the hearth of Pécs.It is like a walk in a mediter-
rian city, but it is just some minutes from the

city center.
It used to be an Italian restaurant called Non
Parlo Italiano, but unfortunatelly
because of a fire the restaurant
perished, and was closed for near
one and a half year. Fortunately it
could not stop them to bake one
of the best pizzas in the city.
So, if we enter to the 26 Tímár
,we can’t be suprised, if we get
a tasty, fine pizza. Ont he other
hand, the pizza we can eat here, is

not similar to the other called ital-
ian pizza in the city.

In our restaurant me make autentic Italian
pizza, which is made from original Naple pizza
flour, from Naple yeast, breccer’s yeast, and

from sea salt. To get the best result they use
the so called 0 or 00 flour with full of protein,
which is usually used for baken bread. First
they knead it with hands, or mixture exactly for
20 minutes.

After more than one day of
leavening, the dough is handed
over to a thickness of no more
than three millimeters, so no
kitchen utensils or stretchers are
used. The pizza base is cooked for
sixty, ninety, or one hundred and
twenty seconds at nearly 485 °C
in a special Naples oven. When it

comes out of the oven, we can ex-
perience that the inside of a good

pizza dough is soft, supple and soft, and the
outside is crispy. The air bubbles appearing on
the edge, often roasted all over the dark, reveal
adequate kneading and sufficient baking.

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